Bad weather procedures

In the event of disruption caused by bad weather, the prime concern of Magpies is the safety of our members. We will always endeavour to open in the event of bad weather, as long as it is safe to do so.

If you have the responsibility of getting students to and from Magpies, please see members to the door and ensure anyone you bring in is able to get home safely. If traveling in by taxi, drivers should be advised to do the same.

If there is considerable weather disruption, we may have to close the centre and send members home. We would then ask you to plan for them to be picked up.

For students who are picked up by Magpies, it may not be possible to pick up or drop off, or it may become necessary to bring them home earlier for safety.

If there is any disruption to service, we will inform you via our Facebook page, website and text alert.

Graphic of an umbrella underneath clouds with lightening, rain, and snow falling from them