People with a learning disability can be more likely to experience poor mental health. That’s why our members’ wellbeing is so important to us. Our staff offer various guidance and support, including signposting to other services and holding workshops.

We support members by co-ordinating a range of therapeutic, meaningful and enjoyable things to do to help them live a fulfilling life. This includes meditation techniques, chair-based exercises, art and gardening. We recognise the importance of social inclusion for people with a disability, so we also offer as many community-based activities as possible.

We understand how communication makes a huge difference to the quality of someone’s life. That’s why our team are able to provide various communication methods and aids to meet our members’ needs. We provide meeting rooms for our members to have discussions with outside agencies, such as social workers, parents and carers. Our keyworkers are always available to attend these meetings with them, or to discuss any concerns on a one to one basis.

Two magpies
Service users doing yoga poses
Service users doing yoga poses
A piece of artwork
Service users working in the arts and crafts room
A service user making a paper chain in the arts and crafts room
Two service users sat laughing together
A service user in a strong pose
Two service users sat in chairs doing exercises.
Two service users sat in chairs doing stretches with big smiles on their faces
Two service users crafting in the arts and crafts room
Service user working on a piece of art
A service user smiling

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